Thursday, 28 August 2014

Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Peel Off Face Mask

Boots tea tree and witch hazel peel off face mask

I am recently loving sticking a face mask on with some music and a good book and have a good old relax. So I've been testing out quite a lot of face masks over the last few weeks to find the perfect one and this one is definitely up there with the best. 

The bottle claims that it deep cleans and tightens pores and helps remove blackheads which it really does. This is one of the few face masks were I feel my skin is noticeably cleaner after I've removed it. Peel off masks are definitely the best type of face mask they are just so fun to remove and you know when you've had it on long enough. I also definitely prefer face masks in a bottle/tub as I feel when using the sachets that I only use about three quarters and the rest goes to waste, so these are perfect. This bottle is 50ml so that's around 5-7 uses, but I've had this a while and it's still going strong. I picked this up on offer for around £2 about a month ago, it is now £2.99, here

Have you tried the tea tree and witch hazel range? 
Can anyone recommend any face masks for me to try? 

Em xxx

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Glitz Blitz

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips in Glitz Blitz

So I was in town having a browse in the pound shops at the hope of finding some bargains. I picked up these Sally Hansen nail wraps and a maybelline baby lips, I was pleasantly surprised to find these as I've never seen either of these brands so cheap before.

These nail wraps are pretty amazing as they're real polish strips so they look exactly like a real manicure rather than stickers and they can last up to 10 days. They are easily removed with a wipe or two of nail polish remover, unlike if you were to paint nails with a real glitter polish like this, which would definitely be a hassle.

You get sixteen stickers, which is more than enough to find the perfect size for every nail and they are so easy to apply and you are given everything you need to apply them.

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips in Glitz Blitz
Nail Polish Strips 

Applying the strips 

Finished application 

These nail wraps were so glitzy and bright, it's just a shame I didn't have anywhere fancy to go while wearing them. They lasted around 5 days without getting too chipped and feeling like I needed to remove them. 

There are loads of other styles in the range and I will be definitely buying some more if I see them this cheap again and considering ordering them here as they're only £1.15 and definitely more than worth it.

Will you be checking these out? And can you recommend any other nail wraps? 

Em xxx

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Phone Cases Wishlist

Samsung Galaxy S4 phone case from

I recently got a new phone, the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini after a year of using a water damaged HTC it has been a welcomed change. I was excited for the chance to make it all pretty with a nice phone case. So excited that I had ordered one from eBay within an hour of making the phone order. So you can imagine my disappointment when the case I ordered arrived broken and blurry. So I headed over to Head Case Designs and they had so many cases that I really loved. 

phone cases

They are all £4.95 and there's free delivery. They do a range of cases for all popular phone types. 
I ordered the top left one and the travel the world one too, which you can see above. 
They arrived within about a week I am totally in love, they are such good quality and fit perfectly. The cases are good because they aren't flat and smooth like most of the cheaper ones meaning the pattern isn't going to be easily scratched off.

What do you think of these cases? Is there any other cases you would recommend?

Emmy x

Monday, 4 August 2014

My Current Favourite Products #1

So I thought I would share some of my favourite products. I've split it into three posts; my new favourite products, my old revisited favourites and my constant favourites. 

Invisibobble (£3.75 here) - I just love these bobbles, they are kind to your hair and don't leave that annoying kink after wearing your hair up for a few hours. I have found that once they have been stretched out a bit they start to leave a bit of a kink but I had been using it constantly for around two months. Although you get three in a pack so now I've got a new one in my handbag to use whenever I don't want a kink but still use the old one for any other time. 

Cleansing Pad (£1.50) - I bought this cleansing pad recently from Primark and I think its amazing! I can really feel a difference when I wash my face with this, feel so much cleaner and refreshed. It has a suction cup on the back which is great for sticking in the shower or on the bath tiles and it also has a hoop on the back which makes it so much easier to hold and use. 

PS Love (Primark) Nail Polish Twist Pot (£1) - This is a budget alternative to the Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover and I have to say I prefer it! I don't find that either of them are super quick at removing nail polish but the primark one feels soaked in nail polish remover making it way quicker to remove stubborn polish. 

Soap and Glory Mist you Madly Mini Body Spray (£3.50, here)  - I bought this on a recent trip to Boots where I picked up this and two of the hand sanitizers on 3 for 2. It smells amazing and wouldn't think that this is only the mini version. It's the perfect size to throw in my bag for work and everyday use. I definitely regret not buying this before now. 

Soap and Glory Hand Maid Antibacterial Hand Cleansing Gel (£2.50, here) - As I said I bought two of these gels recently, they smell lush and leave your hands feeling clean but not sticky like some. These are quite expensive for antibacterial gel but are so much better than some of the cheaper ones I've used. 

Barry M Gelly Nail Paint in Rose Hip (£3.99, here) - I bought a selection of Barry M nail polishes recently from Bank as they were reduced to £1 and this is definitely my favourite of the lot, its a lovely pale pink, unlike some nude colours the pigment is really strong meaning you can get a strong colour with only two or three coats. I'm pleasantly surprised with how well this suits my pale skin.  

Batiste Dry Shampoo Blush (£2.99, here) - There is times when my hair is incredibly greasy between washing, despite washing my hair daily, so for these times this is a godsend. I've not actually tried any other dry shampoos so maybe I can't judge that fairly. 

My next post will be my old and revisited products so be sure to check that out! :) 
What do you think of these products? 

Emmy xoxx

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

The Reading Tag

I do love a good book so I thought I would partake in the reading tag 

1. Do you have a certain place for reading at home?

Anywhere! My bed or the sofa mostly. 

2. Bookmark or random piece of paper?
At the minute I'm using a post-it note cause I couldn't find a bookmark

3. Can you just stop reading or do you have to stop after a chapter or a certain number of pages?

I like to get to the end of a paragraph or chapter before I can stop reading 

4. Do you eat or drink when reading?

5. Do you watch TV or listen to music whilst reading?
Yeah, I have to have some kind of background noise

6. One book at a time or several at once?
One at a time 

7. Reading at home or everywhere?

8. Reading out loud or silently in your head?
In my head.

9. Do you ever read ahead or skip pages?
No, that would just confuse me 

10. Breaking the spine or keeping it new?
I often buy used books so breaking the spine isn't really an issue 

11. Do you write in your books?
The only books I've wrote in are the ones from my english literature a-level

12. What are you currently reading?
The time travellers wife <3

Emmy xox

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Spring/Summer Wishlist: Dresses

I've been struggling to find something to wear the last week or so since the sudden change in weather, and since I received my student finance and got paid from work both in the last week I thought it would be a good time to have a browse at the summer clothes online. The next few posts will be wishlists. 

1. Blue Tile Print Tunic Dress - New Look
2. Aztec Print Tunic Dress - New Look
3. Grey Jersey Sleeveless Dress - New Look
4. Daisy Print Swing Dress - New Look
5. Dorothy Shift Abstract Print Dress - Miss Guided
6. Hansini Shift Geometric Print Dress - Miss Guided
7. Jersey Dress - H&M
8. Maxi Dress H&M
9. Daisy Print Blouson Maxi Dress Select

What do you think of these dresses?